Down into the valley and up in the mountains

Upon reaching the eagerly awaited mountain peak, a feeling of happiness will completely overwhelm you. Instead of hiking up to the summit on foot, did you choose to take the Rosenalm lift? Good choice! It's both comfortable and convenient. The bacon dumplings will taste even better on the sunny terrace of a rustic hut, and when you head downhill over the lush meadows, you will be treated to gorgeous scenery. 

Crystal-clear mountain lakes invite you to take a refreshing dip in the cool water, the rhododendrons bloom in brilliant shades of pink, and you will feel like you can move mountains. Everything is left just the way it is, because it is all perfect here in the Zillertal. Summer in Zell am Ziller includes fun, educational, and exceptional features for young and old. You can enjoy magnificent experiences that outshine the sun itself!