Tobogganing in Gerlosstein

A surge of adrenaline while racing down into the valley on a toboggan

You don't have to be in a rush here. The Gerlosstein toboggan run is floodlit until 1 am. This means that you can take your time heading up the mountain and stop several times to enjoy the nighttime surroundings. You also have plenty of time to stop for refreshments and recharge your batteries before your toboggan run.

Our insider tip: the Gerlosstein lift will bring you and your family comfortably up to an elevation of 1,650 m, but don't be fooled, you should still stay fit. This toboggan run with a whopping 7 km is the Zillertal's longest toboggan run, so you will need some strength. You can stock up on energy by enjoying a freshly tapped beer, warm spiced wine, delicious Tyrolean specialties, and dumplings handmade by the host. Then, there is only one thing to ask yourself: who will be the first to reach the valley on a racing toboggan ride?

In the midst of all the fun, we recommend that you exercise caution:

Children should never toboggan without a helmet, and all adults who have a brain to protect should also keep this in mind. Other than this, we hope you have a great time tobogganing, and if you don't have a sled, you can rent one at Sport Arena.

Here you will find additional tips for an unforgettable toboggan ride with your loved ones: 

Tobogganing tips